Sub Plans: Juice For Kombucha As a Substitute

Time for a healthy swap!



4/4/20222 min read

So many of us came from a place in our childhood where a glass of orange or apple juice first thing in the morning was required. We needed to get that life-saving dose of vitamin C and it would help keep us from getting sick.

So much really has changed. Juice is now a beverage to be avoided because of its high sugar content. Other foods get us more vitamin C and juice is now on the same level as pop.

But what if you like a refreshing fruit beverage in the morming? What if that tart-sweet flavor helps wake you up and bring variety?

The mean and snarky health coach in me want to just tell you to eat a whole fruit.

Which is great. More fiber is awesome.

"But it's not the saaaaaaame!"

So let me give you a sub plan.

Skip buying juice for one week and get a bottle of kombucha.

It costs about the same at $3-$4 per bottle. Yes, yes, I know it's for 16oz. and not a full half gallon.

But it's for a much healthier product. Many are organic. There's so many flavors.

It gives you probiotics, which regulates gut health, which is responsible for the management of so many of your body's processes...

... in both mind and body.

Yes, it can contribute to a healthier mind and body, not just a couple vitamins.

I drink one 4 oz. juice glass per day. Each bottle lasts 4 days. I go through about 2 each week.

4 ounces is 15 calories and about 3 grams of sugar.

To me, this is one of the indulgence foods that I like to consume. It's worth all that to me.

And with flavors like pomegranate, pineapple, fruit punch (check out Synergy's Trilogy), apple, and maybe 20 other kinds out there... You feel like you're not depriving yourself of fruit flavors anymore.

I'm currently drinking a rosé flavor.

Right. WINE-flavored kombucha. Put that stuff in a stemmed glass and enjoy with only healthy effects!

I'm waiting for other various grape-flavored kombucha. That will solve wine-craving issues for me.

Ironically, kombucha does have a miniscule amount of alcohol. It is a fermented fruit tea. But it's so miniscule, they don't proof you or anything. It reminds me of prosecco without the bitterness that alcohol can give you.

So give it a try. After you find a few you like, juice will never have the same meaning for you.

Check any supermarket in the produce section. In Wegmans, it's in the coolers by the meats.

Good riddance, who needs all that sugar?

For those of you that have tried komucha or who normally drink it, what are the flavors you recommend?