Ten Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Might Be Stalled

It must be one of these!



1/21/20221 min read

I just have some quick tips and honest tips for you today. My best advice is to just be real with yourself. There's no point to cutting corners and lying to yourself. You'll only feel worse about yourself in the end and cost yourself a ton of tim.

Do what it takes and you'll reap the rewards.

10 Reasons:

1. Your portions might be too large

2. You haven't calculated a calorie deficit based on your current weight

3. You might be relying too much on exercise.

4. You might be weighing yourself too often, not often enough, at the wrong time or after something that makes you retain water.

5. You're putting on muscle while losing body bad, so no change in scale weight.

6. You stressed out and have high cortisol levels.

7. You allow too many off days.

8. You have alcohol intolerance.

9. You aren't eating enough foods to make you full, so you snack too much later in the day, thus eating too much.

10. You aren't accounting for the little preparation ingredients, like butter.

That's it, folks. There isn't much more to it than that! Best wishes!