Everything in Moderation... and I Mean EVERYTHING!!!

Even snacking


4/10/20222 min read

I noticed my nighttime snack cravings started changing. I definitely have been enjoying the little 80 calorie chocolate chip assortments, but I noticed that I, more often than not, wanted something salty to accompany them.

So I went snack shopping today.I bought Cape Cod potato chips, blue corn tortilla chips, honey roasted peanuts and confetti sugar cookies.Heck, yeah!!! I'm gonna get what I want!

And I didn't look at the labels until I got home. No regrets.

Doesn't this sound like awful (or maybe awesome) advice from a health coach?It's not. Because here's why. I also bought a pack of tiny ziplocks. I will probably upgrade to reusable plastic cups once I get to a Dollar Tree, but for now, this is what I wanted to do.

I just finished and I listened to a marketing webinar while I did it. I measured and pre-packed all four snack packages into not single-serving, but half serving baggies.

Because when I snack, I'm not hungry. I'm feeling "snacky". I have a taste for something I didn't have at dinner. I want dessert. And I usually have a couple hundred calories left in my tracking for snacks. One cookie, cut up into 8 pieces is 65 calories.

A half serving of potato chips is 65 calories.A half serving of tortilla chips is 70 calories.

And (because I skipped the scale and thought I could eyeball it) 1.375 oz. of honey roasted peanuts is 130 calories. Guess how many servings of snacks baggies I have now? 67. With the chocolate chips as my "sometimes" sweet choice, that's over two months of snacking. No regrets.

It took me under 45 minutes and under $15 to do all of that. No lie, I'm probably going to lose a few bonus pounds, just from that 45 minutes of effort. Because my meal habits are pretty awesome, and I'm not going to waste that effort or risk anything getting stale and thrown out. I know how I think- I'm not like that.

I'm excited for it to be 10pm and I'm like, "What bad food do I want to snack on? Cookies and chips? Sounds good!" and I grab a couple bags and veg in front of the TV.Add a zero calorie mocktail with Kava extract and I'm good to go.

No regrets, shame or guilt. Just 130 calories. Winning.