9 Tips for Keeping Off the Christmas Cookie Weight

Enjoying Christmas cookies does not have to be detrimental.



12/13/20210 min read

1. Choose cookie recipes that make tiny cookies. No large blobs or squares. If you can cut smaller squares, or make smaller balls easily without burning the end result, go for it. The Spritz cookie gun, shown in the picture, is great for this!

2. If you dare, substitute ingredients. Substitute the sugar for a stevia option. This works best for a cookie that already has a great flavor that isn't just a sweet vanilla flavor. Chocolate, spice and fruit cookies work best for this. Do NOT substitute out the butter, salt or extracts. The flour sometimes can be, but it's going to change the consistency and how it'll bake. So unless it's a tried and true substitute, don't sub in coconut flour, or almond flour, or other flours for white. It might be a disaster!

3. Decide to give more cookies away to neighbors, friends and co-workers this year.

4. Pick a date after New Year's when all leftover cookies go in a ziplock bag in the freezer. Most cookies keep super well.

5. Decide on your maximum number of (small) cookies per serving. Try to not go above 3.

6. Package up in sandwich baggies servings of 3 cookies (or whatever you chose above). Get in your mind that it's faster to get your cookies this way.

7. Put off eating any Christmas cookies until after dinner. Look forward to it all day. Then you're only eating cookies once a day and not for each meal.

8. Eat each cookie slowly. Evaluate each bite. Think about the texture, each flavor, the crunch or softness, the way your teeth sinks into it, the mouthfeel, and the level of sweet or saltiness. By being mindful of the act of eating a cookie, you'll satisfy the craving faster and will be much less likely to want more afterward.

9. When the Christmas season is done and if you have to package your leftovers in the freezer, definitely separate out your portion and then servings into baggies, and THEN put your baggies into a ziplock, labeled with your name. That way, you aren't blindly reaching for 5 frozen cookies to microwave. This also helps with other people in the household. It also helps you know how many servings before you are free of them. By the way, frozen cookies last over a year without getting weird, so what's the rush?