Meditation Do's and Don'ts

How to make the most of a meditation attempt.



2/6/20222 min read

There's been much more mainstream talk about self-care lately. That's a really good thing. There's a lot of people that feel negative thoughts toward self-care, including feelings of worry, not wanting to feel selfish or not feeling deserving of that time we owe ourselves.

First of all, none of this is true. No one is allowed to tell you these things and if they try, it's up you to know they are wrong as a way of this false info to not take root.

Phew. Had to get that out first lol.

So, the type of self-care I wanted to focus on today is meditation.

I hear two very big extremes toward meditation. It's either the best choice ever and will put you in a state of perpetual bliss everyday or that it's the worst, it's impossible, and it'll make you feel worse about yourself.

Super supportive right? Way to be realistic, media.

So how are we supposed to really have an opinion? Generate your own, try it out. Give it a few attempts and decide how you feel afterward.

Not everything is for everyone, but you do deserve to try it for yourself, just so that you can say you did. And then who knows what it might actually do for you?

There's many, many free sources out there. Some good apps are Headspace and Calm, but YouTube has plenty also.

So if you haven't tried it before, or even of you have and want to give it another go, here's some considerations:


- Get fixed on the "perfect" way to meditate. There's no such thing. It's meant to be what you're supposed to get out of it. It's your mind. No expert is going to judge your experience.

- Be uncomfortable. If they say sit and you would rather lay down, then lay down. It's your time and your experience.

- Expect perfect focus, maybe ever. Your mind will dart around, a ton at first. Meditation is practice, and your focus will improve the more you practice, but it takes a lot of time for you to rewire your mind to slow the thoughts.

- Set expectations. Meditation is different for everyone.

-Fall asleep, if possible. There's good mindset messages in the words they speak to you. If you're asleep, you miss them.


- Be in a comfy spot and position and at a comfy temperature.

- Choose a guided mediation first, with a relaxing body scan.

- Consider searching for a meditation topic that specifically speaks to how you feel at that moment.

- Allow the meditation experience to exist how it is. If you wished to be more focused and less distracted by your thoughts, try again and use conscious breathing to help.

- Use your breath. Count in for 4 and out for 4 at a natural pace so that your mind is doing something while you listen. There's days where this is all that works for me.

- Allow yourself to feel pampered during a body scan.

- Give it more than one attempt. Maybe 3 to 5 before generating a solid opinion.

- Believe it can be for you, no matter who you are.

Anyone have anything to add on the topic? Has anyone tried it lately and would care to share their experiences?