Power Ingredient: Bison Meat

A brief description of an often overlooked meat.



10/11/20211 min read

Has anyone ever tried this?

It's delicious.

A common concern people have when getting into the meal prep lifestyle is feeling like they are going to run out of choices. Chicken, turkey, beef and pork are NOT your only choices, even though I bet it sometimes feels that way.

Bison meat is a great alternative. You can use it for anything that you use ground beef: burgers, tacos, meatballs, meatloaf, soups, nachos or quesadillas, casserole, taco salad, and probably a ton more.

The flavor is richer, more buttery and has more depth than beef.

Yes, indeed it is more expensive. Here's the math:

Wegman's has it for $9.99 a pound. That makes four 4-oz. Servings. Four dinners with correct serving sizes.

You can get one burger at that price (if you're lucky) at a restaurant these days. Just sayin'.

It is usually leaner than beef, at a 90/10 percentage. It also can equal 25% less calories than the same serving of beef. Due to its fine fat marbling inside, it cooks to a more tender consistency.

It's definitely worth a try to rotate it into your selection of meats every once in awhile.

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