7 Tips for Large Holiday Meals

How to avoid the holiday downfalls with eating



1/7/20221 min read

1. Decide your intentions on how to "do better this year" beforehand. Beginning the day with those intentions already processed in your mind gives you a better chance of following through in the moment.

2. Try everything you want, but in modest portions. Do you usually take a huge shlup of mashed potatoes? Go easier this year.

3. No second helpings. When you have that urge to get up and have more, remind yourself of that nagging feeling that's holding you back. Instead...

4. Try mindful eating. Eat slower and REALLY take in the taste. Pretend you're a Food Network judge. What other flavors are in there? Save a few bites of your favorites, the ones you'd go up for seconds for, for last.

5. Help clean up after dinner, or walk the dog, or play with the kids. Burn off a few of those calories in between, in order to feel less sluggish later.

6. Take a smaller portion of dessert. If you must try more than one type, have slivers, have a smaller scoop of ice cream, a couple fewer cookies.

7. Consider taking dessert to go. Or those seconds you wanted. Or the food you didn't get to try because it wouldn't fit on the plate.

You'll notice a big difference right away by following these steps, mainly in your energy level for the rest of the day.

Remember that you want to bring your best self to family gatherings, so this will help for sure.

If it doesn't seem like each little step will amount to much, remember this. Maybe each step will save you 100-200 calories. All the steps combined could save you 1000+. PER MEAL. Remember each pound of body fat is 3500.

I have a bunch more tips stashed away. PM or comment below if you want them!