15 Healthy Addictions...

... because why do you have to be only addicted to things that give negative effects?



4/10/20221 min read

1. Self care

2. Walking

3. The outdoors

4. Fruit-infused water

5. Hiking

6. Whole fruits

7.Raw vegetables with your favorite hummus (hopefully you like hummus, if not, try some quirky flavors)

8. Tea

9. Meditation

10. Accomplishment

11. Your pets

12. Broth-based soups

13. Working towards goals for betterment

14. Mindset improvement

15. Relaxing breathing techniques

Now c'mon. Some of these are bound to look good! Pick a few to indulge on this weekend. Try a few types. Look forward to it, psych yourself up for them and savor the moments of consumption.