Yo-Yo Dieting

The quickest case study on yo-yo dieting ever.



2/17/20222 min read

Wanna know what yo-yo dieting looks like?

I weighed myself around this time last week. The scale showed a little bit of progress.

On Saturday I ate within the calories I needed, but included a couple pieces of chocolate and two and a half alcoholic beverages.

On Sunday, I ate a healthy breakfast and almost no healthy food for dinner, cheesecake for dessert, a half of an alcoholic drink (because leftovers lol), but not huge quantities of food.

Monday, I had 3 alcoholic beverages, a healthy breakfast, a healthy but high salt dinner, and a piece of cheesecake.

Tuesday I weighed myself to see the damage. I gained 5 pounds. I was mildly annoyed but decided it was going to be an experiment.

Because I knew I didn't eat 17,500 extra calories in 3 days.

It was water weight and inflammation from drinking.

And finally I have evidence of its impact. I did not completely throw away those three days. But look what it did, and could continue to do if I kept going down that path!

So of course I cut out alcohol again. I wanted a nice night's sleep anyway. Yes, I have had two good nights of sleep as a result.

And I tracked my food like a good girl and got slightly under my calorie goal for two days.

I weighed myself this morning.

Down 4.5 lbs.

But guess what!? It's the weekend again tomorrow!

The same temptations (except for homemade surf and turf and cheesecake) will be present and I'll have similar decisions to make over the weekend.

But I don't want to gain 5 pounds again. I wanna keep losing of course! And so I will go on.

But do you see how easy it is?

Do you see how little it takes for your body to retain what looks like extra pounds of weight?

Do you see how frustrating it could be for someone who doesn't know how this works?

Do you see how this could be so discouraging and could lead people to such negative feelings and dispair with their weight loss?

But it's how our body works. And I know that there were at least two water-retaining factors that were not in place those days too...


So guaranteed anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has struggled with this. I'm 100% sure of it.

If something like this has frustrated you to the point of stopping your weight loss efforts, please reach out.

I know how to help you.

And together we can stop the self-sabotage that results from this NORMAL thing that happens with your body.

It starts with you deciding you're fed up.