Mid-October PAFE Update

What's been going on, what's to come, and what is the best!


10/22/20212 min read

So this has been a BUSY 7ish months of business development. I can't really say that it's winding down, because it isn't, but the To-Do list for revamping this business is getting much smaller.

I've accomplished so, so much from what the original vision of this was going to be, and have rolled out still, only some of it.

To date, these are all of the free resources anyone can get their hands on to use:

1. Daily content on facebook both in text and video form

2. Content cross-posted to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and my website's blog.

3. The PAFE-Cast Podcast

4. Webinars

5. Free challenges

6. Free downloadable, and sometimes interactive resources, right to your email.

7. Monthly email newsletter

8. PAFE facebook group set up and ready for more exclusive content, coming once the last few things are launched.

9. Appearence at vendor fairs (still looking for more on Sundays this Winter)

10. Free wellness workshops in the workplace

And can you believe there's more coming??

As soon as COVID cases decrease again, I want to launch another free local event opportunity. TBA.

And YES, I definitely have plans for a 21-Day Challenge. It's designed and ready to go. I just want to get a good group together for it since it is supposed to be for an online group of at least 10 people.


And last but not least, the ultimate program to revamp your lifestyle and lose some serious weight, The PAFE Signature Program.

The top four things I focus on with clients to get results are: their plan, their nutrition, their fitness/daily activity and the accountability to keep it all in place.

Having a comprehensive plan is the best way to trust that your program is going to work. It takes the guesswork out of everything, includes your input which will help you stick to it more because you enjoy it, and is based on the science needed to get you to lose pounds and inches consistently. Plans that don’t include nutrition, fitness and activity, and even some mindset training and self-care sometimes aren’t effective at all because they are missing the unique puzzle piece you need to have a smooth path to your goals. Because so many components are put into place, PAFE considers this the Signature Program!

This program is different from competitors in that every aspect about their wants, needs and lifestyle is taken into account when creating their program, not just their goals. An accountability plan is built with the client in a way that is cohesive with how they think. Accountability is critical to make the healthier lifestyle changes stick, especially since most peoples’ goals can’t be achieved in a short time! Without accountability, the chances of long-term adherence plummet.

Train Your Brain to Lose Weight: They say it takes three weeks to create a new habit. How about three months to create a new, healthy and active lifestyle? What if I said that it would be a lifestyle you will enjoy, not only because of the goals you are working toward, but because you had a hand in creating it? Once this were to happen, you’ll get the results you’re looking for, the pounds will stay off and not creep back on, the outlook and confidence you will have about yourself will increase, and you’ll enjoy better health for the rest of your life!

Almost sounds too good to be true, right? Nope. Working with a health coach takes out so much of the guesswork, trial and error and wasted time and money. It's all figured out for you. Even the doubts.

None of us are getting any younger, so why wait to get healthier? Let me help you. Message me and we'll get you set up for a 30-Minute free breakthrough video call where we will discuss your goals, frustrations, and the best solutions for you!