Meal Prepping Chicken and Broccoli

The most stereotypically boring foods to eat for dinner and how to handle them



3/23/20221 min read

Another reason why meal prepping plain meat is so amazing...

So when I talk to clients about meal prepping, I recommend baking/roasting/grilling etc. all of the week's portions of the meat plain.


And the reason is so that for each day you plan to eat it, you may season it the way you want. For example:

Monday: Creole

Tuesday: Lemon Pepper

Wednesday: Garlic Ranch

Thursday: BBQ

Friday: Honey Hickory

But for those who that's still not enough variety, try keeping this in mind. Say you plan to bake some unseasoned chicken breasts in a casserole dish for the week- Monday through Friday.

Your automatic thought might be, "Ugh, a slab of chicken five days in a row."

Nah. Not exactly. How about this?

Monday: Chicken slab on a plate. Okay. Have a baked potato and some broccoli and cauliflower with garlic and butter.

Tuesday: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice and Asian frozen veggie blend. Takes 10 minutes-ish.

Wedneday: BBQ chicken wrap with coleslaw broccoli salad.

Thursday: Chicken and broccoli alfredo with Better Than Noodles and a light alfredo sauce or even a garlic sauce.... yum.

Friday: If you aren't having fish already, chicken soup with all of your leftover vegetables and noddles with a lovely broth and a ton of spices.

With a little bit of planning, every one of these delicious dinners can take about ten minutes, can be super healthy, like under 500 calories healthy and definitely DOES NOT feel like you're eating chicken 5 days in a row.

There's a way around everything. Even chicken breasts and broccoli for 5 days straight.