Support and Community

Can you totally get what you need only by yourself?



9/29/20212 min read

"It takes a village."

These are words often equated to raising a child, so the child may experience different viewpoints and facets of experience, as well as develop well socially.

I've actually heard this a few times over the last week in conversation and none of the meanings were pertaining to child-rearing.

They were in regards to healing chronic illness, animal rescue and convincing someone to get a COVID vaccine.

People are recognizing that in order to go forward, even as adults, that it seems to take the help, support, convincing, know-how, experience, and urging of more than themselves, one person, a few people, maybe even several.

Or a whole community of people.

It's not to bring to light the stubbornness of people, but moreso our likelihood to want to expand our circle when seeking progress or knowledge. I do kind of believe that's human nature to at least desire that, if not deem it essential.

It's why people gravitate towards communities when learning things, doing physical activities (class settings) and when trying to better themselves.

Strength in numbers.

Looking back on my looooooong weight loss journey, I wish I had a better support system and more people in my corner.

I wish I had someone kicking me in the butt.

I wish I had more than just a random expert here, an appointment there, and an awesome teacher that engaged me for a workout or two a week.

I wasted a lot of time. Time I cannot get back.

Years of time where I avoided mirrors because I hated how I looked.

I wasted a ton of time on trial and error and programs that didn't work. I needed a health coach.

I needed a me in my life.

Even just that one person that could give me the answers, the workouts, the accountability and the moral support. Someone to lift me up when I was frustrated with my body.

That may have given me my goals so many years sooner if I had even known that health and weight loss coaches even existed....

It makes me emotional to even think about it.

But for anyone that even one of these statements makes sense to, it doesn't have to be like that. You don't have to live like that. Today can literally be the last day that you think that way about yourself.

Tomorrow you can look in the mirror and have hope.

You can know your path and see each day as progress and not failure.

These thoughts can be real, no matter what your starting point is, physically and emotionally.

The best part is that it's all your choice. You literally have the power to choose this path. Seriously.

And it doesn't have to take a village. Just one person that can configure all of it for you.

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