10 Tips About Water Intake

How to get enough water each day and not be a statistic!



9/24/20212 min read

Are you one of the about 80% of Americans that isn't getting enough water? It's a widespread problem, not only in the US, but in the world.

Other countries show similar and sometimes worse statistics of their people staying adequately hydrated. Please note, this information is not related to availability of clean water- completely separate studies talk about that.

Below are 10 helpful tips on how to get enough water each day:

1.They used to say that 8 cups was what everyone should go with. While that number is still helpful, it's actually more accurate to drink according to your body weight. Use a hydration calculator online to get your correct amount.

2. Worried about old pipes and your tap water? Use a water filter, which will also get you nice cold water from the fridge. It saves on plastic waste, money and time. Relying on purchased water for convenience can be stressful.

3. Some steel bottles can insulate for over 12 hours now, which is a big plus for disposable water bottles. I love having a water bottle sit out for a whole day and have it still be cold.

4. Did you know that Brita now makes water filters that also filter out lead? I jumped on that bandwagon. Even though it takes longer to get filtered water, it tastes even better and the filters last longer.

5. When counting how much water, remember that many containers we use are over 8 oz, so one waterbottle can be 1 or 2 (or more!) cups that go toward your total.

6. Most beverages count toward your water intake. Alcohol does not. Coffee and tea do, and you may be worried about the diuretic properties of it- you'd need to drink a lot to have a negative impact on hydration.

7. Eat your water! Fruits and vegetables all contribute. It might be harder to keep track, but bonus isn't bad!

8. Use your hunger as a signal to have a cup of water or more. Often times when your body knows it needs it, it may not use a thirst signal, but a hunger signal to get your attention.

9. Try a cup of water before every meal or snack. You'd be amazed how much less food it takes to feel satisfied!

10. When making a plan to up your water, start with what you normally do and then think about where you can buffer your routine with an extra cup here and there. It's much easier than you think!