The More You Know... CVD

Cardiovascular Disease and some statistics to be aware of.



4/10/20222 min read

The more you know...I hate doing gloom and doom posts, but I feel that if we leave ourselves in the dark about certain things, it's not a good idea either. This topic needs to be talked about more.

Of course one of the big topics lately is inflation. Gas, groceries, real estate... these are the big ones right now. Before that was health care, and probably still is, although it isn't as talked about right now.

I just read a study that was forecasting the prevelance of CVD (cardiovascular diseases) in the US between now and 2030. They tracked the percentage of all adults that had a diagnosis of heart disease, heart failure, stroke, CHD and hypertension. The stage is set for the percentage to go from 38.7% of adults in 2020 to 40.5% in 2030. Just think about that for a moment. As Gen X, Millennials and younger begin enter the age group where this starts to hit and be a concern, 2/5 of the population will have a diagnosis.

That's extremely prominent. And really scary.

I also looked to see what treatment of a heart attack costs, because, why not? It's already bad news. I wanted to see how much it could cost me if I survive a heart attack.(I think) before insurance, $24,331 was the average cost in the US.Another site said that a 5.3 day hospital treatment for it would cost $21,500.

Naturally, I would love to know how much insurance would be able to cover, but that answer would differ vastly from person to person. Because costs are going up. Once I am in the age group that would really enter the risk pool, how much would insurance actually cover? How much more will insurance actually be? Co-insurance, co-pays, medication... more and more questions arise from this.

It's pretty frightening.

I just know that I want to stay out of the risk pool for as long as possible. I want my health to be top-notch forever, if possible. I really admire and respect any health care professional, but from a monetary standpoint, I really don't want to have to go to the hospital for any issue.

Imagine the stress of having to pay those bills when you should be focused on getting better, and probably leading a less stressful lifestyle! No thanks.

So if there is any way to prevent it now, I'm all for it. And if anyone wants assistance with it, I have solutions. Even if it's one person at a time. It's the way I'd want to change the world. Seriously though, I can't be the only one who worries about this, right?