How To Lose Weight!

What losing weight is and what it isn't.



11/6/20213 min read

I'm hoping a bunch of you actually rolled your eyes at this title. I know I would have if I stumbled across this post while scrolling.

And why is that?

It's a variety of reasons now. A title like that could cause a number of reactions and emotions depending on where our experience level is with this, how frustrated we have become with this topic, and even what our current mood is.

"Hah! What is she gonna preach to us now?"

"Great. Another new gimmick and money grab."

"I already know this."

"Is there another way I could do this more successfully or quicker?"

"Does she actually know something I don't?"

"Anywhere on the internet could tell me the same thing."

"I'm done investing in products that don't work."

"Could she actually help me? I'm worried this would fail too."

I could go on and and on with inevitable negative reactions to that title. And the funny thing is, I bet a bunch of you could actually tell me the right answer, the bottom line.

Calories in versus calories out.

That is what fat loss is, which causes the weight loss we want. Scientifically, there's really not much more to it.

But of course, if it was easy, everyone would be successful and everyone would be exactly the weight they wanted.

It's the "HOW" of the calories in, calories out that is so difficult, and there's a gazillion different opinions of how to accomplish this.

Seriously, if you try googling "weight loss" what you find first are the handful of ads for programs and products, followed by a few of the more medically-backed organizations and their articles, followed by more ads for products.

That's a lots of noise, a lot of choices, a lot of work to research, and is going to be a lot of money if you go that route. Why? Because they spent so much in ads to make their product "first page visible" in a google search of the vague "weight loss" phrase, for starters.

Do you still feel that those products will fix everything that is difficult with losing weight, keeping it off, and having a healthy lifestyle forever?

When you stop buying the pills, what guarantee do you have that you won't put the weight back on? That your current meal structure and choices will keep you at a healthy weight, IF you lost all the weight you wanted?

What are you ACTUALLY ingesting with those products anyway?


So how do you lose weight for good?

Healthy eating and increased activity done in such an easy and sustainable way, that you prefer this way of living to your old one, sticking to your habits and are never willing to go back to the old way.

Not impossible, ever. Especially with the right support system with you every step of the way. Just sayin'.

It's that kind of support that is there to always prevent you from making the decisions that derail you too.

I wish I had that opportunity in my journey. I'd have saved so much time and money...

I'd have definitely invested in a 12-Week Program that promised to work with me 1:1 to customize a diet and exercise program, especially with a coach that would hold me accountable and not let me give up.

I didn't know such a thing existed.

You don't have to flail blindly down the path that I did for years, because I have that solution and can absolutely deliver the path to the results you have been dreaming about.

So if anyone has had that inkling to see what my 12-Week Program is all about, hit me up. Schedule a free 30-minute call with me, and we can discuss your goals, issues and frustrations from past attempts.

No obligation to purchase.

Nothing to lose but 30 minutes of your time at the worst.

At best, you gain the knowledge of what you would need to finally achieve the results you have been wanting, without a sliver of doubt.

You get to make that choice.