The Leap of Faith

When making a big decision is hard, but you know it's the right one.



8/30/20213 min read

Ever had someone try to persuade you to do something? Who hasn't? Maybe you knew for sure, 100% that the decision was for you, and it didn't take much persuasion at all.

Or maybe you were sort of on the fence and there was some persuasion, and you balked, and it wasn't the right choice at all. You learned from it.

Maybe the person persuading you while you were on the fence did get you to say yes and it was the BEST thing you could have done. You would have been so mad if you had said no. No regrets at all!

But what about when there's persuasion and you're somewhere in the middle? It's about something you know you need, like a car, but it's such a big purchase. You decide to put it off and tell the salesperson, maybe one that really has been awesome, that it isn't the right time, that you'll sleep on it. And they don't hear from you.

Then your old car breaks down. Immediately you think about how that new one would have saved you the inconvenience and this particular expense.

"Ugh, why didn't I just go for that new one?"

Now, I guess the level of regret would depend on what repair the old one needs, and just how financially ready you actually were for the new car (even if not actually new, maybe new to you).

But what if it was a transmission? (My first car needed a new one- ugh) You're looking at thousands. As much as your downpayment for the new car.

What then? What really made you say no?

You didn't trust yourself to make the right decision.

Maybe even your gut was saying, "Yup! This is the one!"

I know, you didn't know this would happen.

Let's transfer this analogy over to your health.

Healthy lifestyles have been shown over and over again in scientific studies to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

You know, the ones that aren't COVID that people die from. The ones that aren't talked as much about these days. They still happen. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes...

But unlike replacing the transmission in a car, you can't exactly replace the struggling organ and immediately be fixed.

Your health is a long term investment that pays its dividends for the rest of your one life. And we hear over and over again about someone who waited too long to make a change, and then they have a devastating health emergency.

Has there been that nagging feeling to do something about it?

Have you backburnered it because you actually feel fine right now?

What if you could make an investment right now that could make that nagging feeling go away forever because you learned how to make the changes and make them last forever in a new healthy lifestyle, losing the weight you should lose?

I know why I refused health coaching services some years ago when I first learned about it.

I didn't trust it. I didn't trust that the person would include everything I would have wanted. I didn't trust myself to invest in the right person.

So I became that person, just so I knew there was someone out there that didn't cut corners with people. After all, that corner that they cut out of their program might have been someone's missing puzzle piece and the reason why they failed.

So, some food for thought.

So, this is what I do. Besides music lessons, this is how I have chosen to help people. I enjoy watching people succeed after working hard on a long-term goal, whether it's a NYSSMA solo or dropping their first ten pounds.

So if any of the above is resonating pretty strongly with you, shoot me an email at . We can schedule a 30-minute video call to discuss your goals, your frustrations, your options and pricing. That call costs you nothing but 30 minutes of your time. Lemme know!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!