Putting Away The Sundress

How something simple can suddenly leave you wrack with emotions. Can it help inspire you instead?



9/30/20212 min read

The last couple nights have been COLD! I was just thinking about how in the next couple weeks I'll be changing out my skorts, short-sleeved shirts and skirts for my sweaters and more pairs of paints.

I'm always cold, so I don't hold out on sweater season! Haha.

And honestly, I think I'm ready. I'm ready for soup and Halloween and leaves that aren't green.

But there's always an emotional thing I'm never ready for. I think this year will be the easiest so far in my life because of how far I've come mindset-wise. But for every year that has gone by, and I change out my cute summer clothes for my warm, practical clothes, there's one huge caveat in the process.

The sundress, or sundresses.

I have a sundress problem. They are cute and brightly colored and I have too many with not enough reasons to wear them.

Story time: When I got within 3 pounds of my goal weight the second time, it was right around my birthday two and a half years ago. I treated myself by buying a few sundresses for my birthday. I was over the moon about what sizes I was fitting in, and it was an amazing trip to Kohl's and the Galleria Mall.

I also had been hanging on to some adorable sundresses from high school. Size 8. They didn't fit way back then.

But for that birthday, in mid-March where the weather was still crappy, most of those dresses, all but one, all fit. I had made it.

So where I'm going with this is the mentality behind the sundresses and the Equinoxes.

Each Spring, I'll sort through the clothes and pull it all out from the totes in the basement. The same thoughts will be there.

"YES! This Spring I will lose the weight, so that by July when it's warm enough, I'll wear them out for some night out, and they'll fit!"

Year after year, failure after failure. Because every year but that one, those sundresses never fit.

And then the weather would turn. I'd get super sad that Summer was going away, but then it was time to change out my clothes because I was DESPERATE for the warmth of sweathers.

But I'd dread the process because I'd be nearly crying with regret over the sundresses that I never could fit into.

And yet another Autumn I'd be putting them away with good intentions for next year.

Will I have this problem this year? Nope. I kept two upstairs that fit, did actually wear one out twice, and the other one kept making me feel cold.

But as I look back, and probably as I stumble back upon the REALLY cute size 8s that are hanging out down there, there's a different thought.

I wasted a ton of time.

I wasted so many years of good time, time in my prime, time where you could freely go out and not think about masks, vaccines, and whether or not the person in front of you in line had a deadly illness.

So much time wasted.

I'm pretty sure that's the top reason I decided to add this career. I want to help people not have to go through all the stupid trial and error that I did. I want to have them celebrate small successes and enjoy the process rather than hate themselves while learning.

Do you have a thing that happens sometimes that gets you down about your size sometimes?

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