Life Is Too ___________.

Fill in the blank.



2/16/20222 min read

I bet any of us could make a list of at least ten things to fit that blank. Probably in under two minutes.

Today and tomorrow, I am posting about some powerful mindset stuff. Today just feels like a mindset week for me, personally and creatively.

But if I know that what I'm posting makes one person feel better about something, one person smile, one person feel a little less anxious about something, then it is worth putting nutrition, fitness and weight loss strategies aside for a few days.

Besides, mindset is so heavily tied into all of these things anyway, it kind of comes full circle anyhow.

Life is too __________.

It never seems too full of something wonderful. So we can probably guess that this blank is something negative.

The solutions to any answer above are counterbalance and gratitude.

If your perception is that life is too busy, schedule 5 minutes where it isn't. Yes, it's that important. And when that becomes routine, you'll look forward and be grateful for those 5 minutes every day.

If life is too stressful, schedule in 5-10 minutes of non-stressful activities. Let this time be quiet, allow it to quiet your mind. And when this time every day becomes routine, you'll be grateful to yourself for making this a quick priority.

If life is too poor, then ask yourself, what are you rich in? A beautiful view out the window? People? A pet? Something good that you enjoy about your job? That spring will be coming soon? Find something. Think about it. Daydream about it. Obsess just a little about the small joy in it.

Life is too negative. No. Outside of you tries to give you negativity. You have the power to eliminate it from your life. Clean up your social media, set up boundaries from people like this. Counter it with positivity, things that make you smile and make you laugh. Follow the progress of a charity that means something to you. Let your thoughts wander to these things. Life becomes much less negative. It just takes a little effort for you to set it up and customize.

There's other blanks I could fill and give solutions for.

But if you're stuck, reach out. Talk to someone you trust, talk to a therapist (which I just read is now called the ultimate level of self care), reach out to me.

Because even those blanks I discussed are common, they aren't all of them.

Start taking control.