10 Tips For Beginning a Fitness Journey

Ten tips to help your first steps be more successful so you can continue with confidence.



10/12/20211 min read

Whether we have taken a hiatus from working out or being active, or maybe it's never been our thing and we want to get started, here are ten tips to remember when getting started.

1. Start slow. Trying to do too much too fast is gonna hurt. Listen to your body. Make yourself a little tired, a little fatigued, feel a little burn and a little winded.

2.Remember that if you are sweating, you need more water than normal.

3.Walk a lot before trying to run. Can you take a brisk walk for an hour straight and not feel super tired? Maybe then try a little jogging if you're interested.

4. Stretch. Only gentle before a workout just to get yourself moving, more after if you want range of motion. If you don't want range of motion, then stretch to feel good after, using the muscles you've just used.

5. Don't avoid stuff that makes you feel like losing your balance. Embrace the task and take comfort knowing that each balance attempt makes you a little stronger and better each time.

6. If you're doing strength training of any kind, remember that building muscle affects your scale weight in a "negative way." Use measurements instead to track your progress.

7. Figure out ways to get moving for extra time during your day. You'll burn more collective calories throughout the day and slowly gain more endurance during workouts because your body is used to being more active.

8. Find workout tasks that are fun and motivating. Think about what motivates you during normal everyday tasks and implement that way of thinking into your workouts. Do you like podcasts? Listen to them while on the treadmill. Do you like scribbling off to-do lists? Make a workout to-do list each day or week. Does a certain class sound interesting? Do it! The people in that class had a first day once too and they understand!

9. Remember that fitness is based on progress. Be better today than you were yesterday.

10. Don't discount the value of rest days. Especially if you're new or returning after a long break, always take a rest day. Do muscles still hurt? Take another. If you're body isn't used to it, working out 2 or 3 times a week is okay! You can definitely work your way into 4 or 5 times eventually.