"All That's Really Guaranteed Is You"

It's a difficult day for educators today. I hope these words are some form of help for you.



5/25/20223 min read

Today was a little bit of a struggle to figure out how to post tastefully. I was a schoolteacher when Sandy Hook happened, and I remember how it felt. Teachers, admin, school support staff, you're all in my thoughts today. May you have strength today and everyday.

I had a post drafted already for today and went back and forth about what to do with it, and after some thought, I'm keeping it for you. Because when the world starts to fall apart, all that is really guaranteed is you. All that you can really control is you. Your thoughts, your actions.

Today's post helps to address that. Why the deluge of wellness posts lately? How did we go from a shift in weight loss, fitness and nutrition into mindset, mental stuff, and stress reduction?

Are you rebranding AGAIN? Nope.

I'm identifying needs and addressing them. People are stressed out, anxious, feeling like they are losing themselves, perhaps fearful and waiting for things to get better. People are putting their mental health first lately instead of their physical health. People that know that they have to get healthier would rather put their thoughts and energy into improving this than losing weight or making improvements in their physical wellness.

And I'm nowhere near bashing this. Just stating a fact. Because to me, you are a system and both mental and physical health are closely tied. A change in one affects the other. Good and bad, physical to mental/emotional and vice versa.

Which aspect is more important? That's your decision. Which one seems more important right now? Which one needs and craves your nurturing? Because physical health cannot improve in a consistent and lifestyle-changing way unless your stress levels decrease and your mindset shifts to help condition it. Your mental health can struggle to improve when your body isn't receiving what it needs. Food that is high in nutritional nourishment, physical activity to keep yourself loose, mobile and expending the nervous energy. Sleep, vitamins and minerals, water, etc. If you're lacking in even one of these areas, it puts stress on your whole self.

So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? See how easy it is to be trapped in a vicious circle, not knowing even how to start to take care of yourself?

One of those quick weight loss programs can't even begin to work on you to fix all that.

But I can. A good health coach cannot just assign a meal plan and a fitness plan and expect to get you every result. Neglecting mental and emotional components is only asking for their clients to fail. I first realized this correlation over 2 years ago when my health took a turn. And experiencing how closely my anxiety was affecting my physical health was the beginning of a huge change in myself that's going to last forever. I'm not the same person I was then because of all the work that went into changing it all.

And after it worked, I researched why it did. And just how widespread the issue really is. And how to help people implement change. I think regular training for health coaches can't even begin to touch a lot of this. The most mindset training-training they give you is how to help people stay accountable and reduce cravings. The rest I got from teaching, working closely with students who see me week to week, sometimes for years on end. Many have opened up to me about issues, personal or societal, and their concerns. A few recently said I'd make a good therapist. The first time I remember being in this situation was on 9/11. I was 16 and already teaching. I grew up that day. I was the mature adult, and children needed to confide in me that day. And when I teach my students today, if they come to me with concerns about this world, I will still be there for them. And then we'll play music.

But I'm not a therapist. Just like how I'd refer someone to their doctor if it sounded like they could have an undiagnosed metabolic issue or what not, if it sounded like they had a non-physical issue inside and needed a psychologist, I definitely was trained to screen for that and refer them. It's the same as when I have to tell students' parents that their child's note reading skills are starting to suffer because suddenly I've noticed they have to move closer to discern between a C and a D on the staff. I don't diagnose myopia, I tell them what I saw and tell them to watch for this happening in other activities. People often see blurry music staves before blurry words at a distance...Anyhow, I'd gladly help my client with the rest of what they need to get them the life, body and comprehensive wellness they desire.

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