How To Combat Our Mind When Wanting to Work Out

Wanna start working out but having to talk yourself out of excuses first?



9/18/20213 min read

The idea of working out for some is really intimidating. There's a lot of what if's and side thoughts regarding what other people might think, or "if you'll get through it."

Let's dissect some of this:

Issue #1: "I can't keep up with this."

Here's a more constructive thought for you: this is YOUR workout. It's for you. If you're at home with a video, the video definitely doesn't care.

If you're getting winded or feeling a brand new burn, then your workout is doing something for YOU. That's why you are doing it.

Are you in a class with other people? The instructor is just happy you're doing it and will be super proud if you look like a hot mess but make it through, sticking it out.

The other people? Haha, they aren't paying attention. They got their own stuff to focus on. They also know that everyone has a starting place.

Issue #2: "But I look so fat/uncoordinated/new/sweaty/insert-other-self-loathing-comment-here-that-doesn't-belong-here-in-the-first-place."

Just stop. You're tearing yourself down before you even start building yourself up.


You wouldn't be thinking about working out if you didn't have the thoughts that maybe it would be good for you. There's plenty of people out there that know they should be more active that are like "meh, no." If you know you should or want to, you're right! Go do it.

And once you do, it'll never be that hard to start ever again. Every time it gets easier, even if only by a smidge.

So what if you are uncoordinated, you'll get the movement down through muscle memory.

So what if you get sweaty and gross, most people see that as a sign that you put in the effort, you bada$$.

So what if you're new. The next time you won't be as new.

So what if you think you're fat. This workout is going to help you work on that. It's hard to get out of that mindset of hating your image in the mirror. It takes time and a lot of work on yourself on the inside too. A more constructive thought to combat this one is that one step leads to progress. Always progress, always measure your improvement.

Be better today than you were yesterday.

Issue #3: Facilities

I definitely get it. COVID has made us think differently with so many things. Everyone has what they are okay with and what they aren't.

There is no reason why you can't use your home and outside.

Subissue A: Weather. Enjoy it while you can. Get your brain liking being more active before you are forced to bring it indoors. Or get some boots and warm clothes to walk outside in winter. Plenty of people do it.

Subissue B: Space. I used to exercise in a 5x5 square space in my apartment. X-Box Kinect had some interesting moments. Honestly aerobics and dance fitness is meant to be done in small spaces, as in like a packed room.

Subissue C: People. Have 'em join you! Make it a family event! If they won't, oh well. This is for you, so that you're around for them in their lives longer. Literally no one can argue with that.

Subissue D: Needing a designated space. Ooh, I remember feeling this one. That's why we needed an open basement when we were looking for a house.

Fix #1: Make a desginated space. Clean out some junk from an area, convert the garage and get a heater, something. And think of how cleansing it is to declutter an area! Get a few motivating posters, some yoga blocks and a way to hook up some bluetooth sound and you're golden!

Fix #2: Modifying multi-purpose space. Even if it means moving a yoga mat, your sneakers and a coaster for your waterbottle into the kitchen, then do it. Find a token that is motivating to you, like a wall plaque or a magnet and put it in there, for the direct purpose of you making that designation. It allows the mind to connect with something familiar, like an association.

Issue #4: Time. Guys, I work an ungodly amount of hours and I still have time to work out a lot. No, I don't have kids, but I know enough about kids' schedules that finding time to work out can still be done by parents of any age. Bring your child into your space with you to watch if they aren't walking yet, carry them for extra upper body work. Workout during naptime, homework time, after bedtime, while you're all watching TV together and you're in the background doing your thing.

You are teaching them that it is good to be active. It's such an important life lesson- do NOT underestimate that.

Constantly bringing the kids to after-school activities? Do laps around the car, workout from an app from the lot.

I know some of these ideas sound slightly extreme, but if I was in this situation, where time was seriously jeopardized? YES. I'd be finding the time, because I know how important it is.

It's a difference of mindset (again with the mindset stuff ). Think about "HOW CAN I get ________ done", rather than "I CAN'T GET ________ done".

If you're struggling getting motivated, I hope this helps a lot, whether it's for an off day, or if you're looking to work out for the very first time since school gym class.