A Quick List of Breakfast Ideas

How to have endless healthy breakfast possibilities.



11/11/20211 min read

Aim to choose a serving of protein, a serving of carbs, and some fruit. Bonus points if you include a vegetable!

Protein will help curb hunger throughout the day. Carbs will supply you with energy and even if you try to limit your carbs, you're awake long enough to burn then. Fruit helps with cravings and is delicious and nutrient-packed.

Protein: Eggs, sausage (go for chicken sausage!), uncured or turkey bacon, uncured ham

Carbs: high-fiber toast, high-fiber wrap, oatmeal (watch what you add!), grits, Kashi or Kodiak waffles, high-fiber cereal.

Fruit: berries, apple, applesauce (Anyone try the Motts Granny Smith singles??? WHOA!!), oranges, etc.

So how to we get all these awesome choices manageable?


Measure them out. Stick to what the label recommends and only then will you confidentally know how much you ate.

Cooking method: Just don't fry in a ton of oil. Stick to no more than 1 MEASURED tablespoon of oil or butter when preparing foods, for the whole meal.

Toppings: forego the syrup (unless it's calorie-free) and use fruit as a topping instead. Yum!

Cheese? Well, okay. But again, stick to the serving size. It's soooooo easy to eat too much cheese. Mix 2 tbsp of cheese with salsa and use as a breakfast sandwich or wrap topping.

So with these options, you can have a hot, homecooked breakfast in 15 minutes or less, with so many options, you can't get sick of it.

Prefer something easy like a protein shake and would rather eat a healthy lunch? Quick lunch ideas coming soon!

Any other suggestions?