5 Ways to Make Your Home Workout Space Your Own

Thinking about a home gym, here's some ideas!



1/7/20222 min read

Looks like winter has actually arrived in WNY. We have snow that's covering the grass and my area might get hit with a foot of snow on Thursday.

Should be fun!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are done, if it's cold, then the hibernation time of the year is in full force.

I'm a big fan of using my house to keep my health and fitness goals in place. I didn't used to be like that, but when we bought the house, I was in love with the idea of a basement workout area/dance studio.

It's my space, my decor, my music, my equipment, my germs, my food in the kitchen, my decision for fresh outside air or not.

It absolutely could be pandemic mindset talking, except that I once was at the gym 5 days a week, now I don't have a membership, but I still work out 5 to 6 days a week. That change happened about 4 years ago.

I like knowing I'm im control of what my workouts are going to be and when, and not take my care to be there. It's easier, saves time, is cheaper in the long run (at least for me it is), and I don't need to drive to get there.

And now, with so many options being online with classes, you can have such a variety of accees out there.

And this is where I put on the brakes for a moment. Some things online do not do the activity and the study justice. The comraderie of an in-person Zumba class, some aspects of personal training, advanced dance technique, and team sports cannot be substituted.

But for everyday training, I love being at home for it. And I realize not everyone is going to agree, and that is okay.

For those of you that these ideas make a lot of sense to, even part of the time, this list is for you:

5 Ways to Make Your Home Workout Space Your Own

1. Get one piece of workout equipment for each holiday to build it up slowly. One pair of weights, one yoga accessory, one subscription, one type of mat, etc. That way you own it, you know if it's clean, and you go slow enough to know what you need or if it would be an impulse buy of something that won't be used.

2. Get a designated sound device. I use a sound bar that stays right there and I use it every day.

3. Pick cardio where you can multitask. The time goes faster.

4. Decorate with colors that are pleasing to your eyes, with items that say motivational things that ring true with you. Even if is a tiny wall plaque. It's the reminder of the sentiment that matters.

5. Wear what you want. And you won't be stressing about everyone else if your leggings are see-through. Or if your socks don't go well with your favorite sneakers. No one actually cares about these things usually but our minds can, and it distracts us from what really matters. At home, not an issue.

The space doesn't need to be big. I recently read an article about a woman that lost all sorts of weight from working out in a tiny bathroom. If she made that space her own, it obviously motivated her to keep at it, or was part of the "big picture" motivation.

There's ways. Always. You just have to ask yourself how and solve the problem.

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