What Is A Transformation, Exactly?

Some thoughts on different transformations



10/14/20212 min read

Your instinctive answer might have been the mental image of before and after photos of someone that has lost a lot of weight.

I think that has become the default answer when we hear the word transformation.

And it is that, for sure. Massively obvious weight loss that a picture can capture as social proof that someone is much smaller is definitely a transformation.

My question though, is that the only kind of transformation?

Absolutely not.

Consider these other transformations that are respectable, worthy of your emoji reaction on a facebook post, and things that make you say, "How did you do it?":

-Side by side pictures of the same person, but at the same weight. The first shows an overweight and obese version, and the second has them look lean, ripped and super healthy and happy.

This one is very profound to me, because I put muscle weight on easily, and the scale hates to move, but clothes get looser.

-When you talk to someone you haven't talked to in awhile and they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Totally new and different person- and then they tell you how they upleveled themselves and got stronger after some sort of adversity. No, this one isn't visual, but the transformation is totally there.

- How about when someone has a small success in their health, but the way they handle everything about their health is on par with what they've said their goals are. They are focused, not easily tempted into their old ways, and they clearly stay the course.

-Or how about when you have one? Let's say you got through something BIG, like a tragedy, a project, a big, time-consuming goal that changes the course of your life. Once you get on the other side of that and you really start to think about it, you don't recognize your thoughts.

You say to yourself, "I didn't think like this ________ months/years ago." You maybe are calmer, words are thought out better, you're more rational in your problem-solving. There's a ripple effect that travels to people close to you because of what you say and do.

I believe this is a transformation too. It's changes like this inside that make us do what we thought was impossible, or a dream.

But it isn't a dream. It's a possible reality and we realize that the only one holding us back is ourselves, really.

What is yours? What does a transformation for you look like? Is there anything really stopping you from going after it once and for all?

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