Summer, Routines and Your Goals

There is a big routine change coming soon!



5/28/20221 min read

The school year is finally winding down! For some people across the country, it is finishing right now. It's a good time to talk about what this means for your health.

On the surface, it sounds like it'll he better for your health in every way. Less stress, more sleep, more time to drink water, more time to cook healthy meals, more time to be active... It all looks good heading in, but take a moment and think about it.

In past summers did you have the same intentions? Did they happen? A little? A lot? Hardly? Did you make a health goal that summer? Did it stay?

If the answer to any of those questions was a no, then here are the most important questions: Why didn't you get there? What prevented it?

This summer, if you know you want it enough, then just do it.

If you want to lose weight, figure out now how to cut calories.

If you want to get more active, decide what activities and schedule your sessions throughout the week.

If you want to learn to meal prep so dinner during the school year is easier, now is the time to experiment before that time is upon you.

If you want to explore beverage options that are healthier than you were drinking this past year, now is the time to establish the habit.

If you want to get into a self care routine, now is the time to seek and find that recharge activity and comfortably reap the benefits.

You want to make that a near-addiction so you feel like you can't live without those rebalancing few minutes come September. That way you'll know to make time for it, make it the thing to look forward to, make it that lifeline during stressful times.

Make this summer your time for you. And if you need support in this, I'm a couple of clicks away. I'll be able to help you.