Nightmares in Your Dishes

A life lesson about one of our most used equipment for healthy living, our waterbottles.



8/2/20212 min read

This morning I was putting away some clean dishes that I handwashed yesterday. I must have been in a hurry or something, because one was definitely not clean. There were definitely gray and black specks in the bottom. Yeah that was mold. And it didn't take long to grow in those crevices, maybe a day and a half. Ew.

It reminds me of one November/December, almost 3 years ago, when I got tonsilitis, I think it was 4 times in a row. Antibiotics helped, and I got a different official diagnosis every time. By the time I was recovering from the 4th time, was finally when I was able to be seen by an ENT, who told me nothing was wrong with me. Well duh, I healed up by then. It didn't earn me a free co-pay or partial bill that my insurance didn't fully cover...

See, by that time, I had already gone over EVERYTHING about my lifestyle. What could I have been doing that was causing this? It never was a problem before, I changed out my toothbrush, upped the amount of mouthwash I was using. I was eating more onions and garlic, and the whole thing was confusing me.

Then it hit me. My waterbottle. My $20+ 32-oz waterbottle that was my favorite color... with the built-in straw that I COULDN'T dissassemble.

I considered breaking it open to see what was inside. Because I could see little black specks through one of the clear parts. But I said, no, I don't wanna, and I bought a new one.

I bought the same one. Stupid. Not one of my finer moments.

And wouldn't you know it, some months later, I got tonsilitis again. It wasn't bad. I can't even remember if I got meds for it, or if I just did my huge dose of mouthwash, garlic, salt, CBD oil, and apple cider vinegar to kill it. I may have, because I have done that and had it work if I caught it early. No, that was the 4th time. No, that time I think it was a bad one actually, and I did need meds. It's coming back to me now... ugh.

I ditched that waterbottle and bought one where every single surface can be cleaned, put in the dishwasher, and reached with a bottle brush. Nothing was allowed to grow black specks, not even the tiniest crevice meant to be a convinience.

Because tonsilitis is anything but convinient!

And I haven't gotten that issue since. Coincidence? Did any of the doctors figure it out? Nope.

Anyhow, today's takeaway is:

Drink water, lots of it, and do so out of a bottle that you can clean every part of thoroughly.

Buy a bottle brush. They're like $2.

Has anyone out there also had an issue with a water bottle they couldn't get completely clean?