Breaking Out: Active Lifestyle

There's more to activity than just working out.


8/2/20212 min read

One of the things I like to work on with clients and potential clients is the embracing the idea that they have the inner power to become an athlete.

No, we're not talking professional athlete here, but someone that is comfortable and confident saying "I am a tennis player," "I am a runner," "I am a dancer," "I play on a volleyball team" "I row."...

There are so many rec. activities out there in our reach. Some you can begin for free, with little training, with one flat fee for membership in a bar league for a season, for no equipment, etc. The amount of time, money, training that you need to invest in, of course, depends on what the activity is.

But if you enjoy it enough, if it drives you enough, you'll do what it takes.

You'll invest the money, you'll train four days a week, you'll put in the extra effort and energy. If not now, then someday you might be inspired to.

Not because someone told us to. But simply because we want to. It's WORTH IT to us.

And you know what is so cool? Each and every one of us has that opportunity to. The opportunities are there. All it takes is a google search or two to see how to get started. It literally has never been easier.

Is your heart set on a certain activity that doesn't seem physically in your reach right now? Then that's what to tell yourself. Not right this moment, but HOW can I get there? Instead, use that activity that you dream about as your goal, and figure out the steps to get there.

The first question should be: "What sounds active and fun that I would look forward to doing?" and go from there.

I did that with bellydance. I went from DVDs, to a continuing ed class, to a beginner class, moved up the difficulty levels, and now I'm a member of Zuut, a professional troupe.

I debut as solo performer this Saturday (7/31/21). Years ago, I never dared to dream about this.

We are hosting our first post-pandemic studio recital at the Lancaster Youth Bureau bandshell this Saturday, starting at 4. I'm not nervous, I've been ready, and I've never been so psyched for a dance performance EVER.

Did I think I could do any of this 5 years ago? NEVER.

But if I didn't go to that beginner class 4ish years ago with, the opportunity wouldn't have happened.

So, the takeaway here is to give yourself that good try for something you think you would enjoy. You NEVER KNOW where that first step will take you.

Life is short. Do the thing. There are no regrets, ever, just something to learn.