7 Ways to Get Fit On Zero Budget

Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em!



8/13/20211 min read

1. Take advantage of all the free internet resources out there! YouTube, PopSugar, FitOn, Daily Yoga app, are just to name a few of my favorites. A simple Google search will give you loads more. You will never run out.

2. Trade free weights for food. Food you haven't eaten yet, that is! 16 oz, 32 oz etc. containers all equal the same weight as their respective free weights. How about using filled or partially-filled gallon jugs? Those have handles! Bonus- you're recycling too.

3. Go outside. Go walk or jog in a park. Take advantage of your local "Fitness in the Parks" program if your area has them. Unless you choose a park where you have to pay for parking, your only cost is the gas!

4. Scope out free promotional classes or training sessions at local gyms. Sometimes when there's something new, like an instructor, or type of class, etc., there will be one free class to get people interested. If you like it enough, then you'll know if it's worth the investment.

5. NEAT activities are often free. Scroll back in my feed for the post with tons of information about NEAT.

6. Reuse unused equipment from the garage. Do your kids have any outside toys or sports equipment you could creatively make use of? What kind of family fun shenanigans could you create from it? I bet you'd get super tired after a two-hour family game of volleyball!

7. Get paid to get fit! So many service industries are in desperate need of workers. Got a few open evenings or mornings? Need some extra cash? Pick up a part time job where you're on your feet for awhile. A waitressing shift can easily burn 1000 calories!

Anyone got any free ways they're going to be active this weekend?