How Health Food Can Taste Better Than Fast Food

It's can't be true... oh, but it is!



8/13/20211 min read

Yes. I really said that. And I live in Buffalo, NY where our food, even our take-out is really freaking amazing.

I don't eat out or get take-out that often. It honestly isn't very often that I have a taste for it. Maybe once a month, I'll want pizza. I'm sick of wings because I ate wings often with keto. Subs are meh now. Prepared food is expensive, and what's worse, because of the labor shortage, most places are closed by the time I get home from the music store at night.

Because of my lifestyle, cooking at home is my only option, but what's better, it's my preferred option now. Cheaper, with planning more accessible, and WAY healthier.

Or maybe it's because everyone that's close to me, self included, is fabulous at cooking. I mean, I'll brag about Scott Janiszewski's cooking any day. Lol.

But in all seriousness, it's worth so much to learn the ins and outs of cooking healthy. What you can save in gained pounds and money is already a huge benefit.

So here's 5 ways to get you started!

1. "Season With Authority" I stole that from executive chef, Marc Murphy from Food Network. Seriously, don't underseason, and don't worry about too much seasoning unless you don't like spicy and you're playing with chili powder. Don't dump seasoning. Sprinkle evenly until you see "a speckled color change."

2. Learn what seasoning blends you like the best. Blends are easy and fast. There's a ton out there that are delicious. Start with two that use flavors you enjoy.

3. What seems a little scary to cook? Go to AllRecipes and two other sites for that. Pick 3 recipes with high ratings and compare them side-by-side. Notice what's similar to gain confidence that you picked a good recipe. Look up unfamiliar terms.

4. Use your oven. It's a healthy prep method, large enough to make enough for leftovers and makes mouthwatering roasted vegetables. Yeah, it takes awhile, but think of how much you can get done while cooking. How about completing your workout that you put off? (Haha, see what I did there?)

5. Ask for advice.

It's really that easy. Follow and friend me on facebook for more ideas!