12 Reasons Why You're Doing It For You

When the time comes that you're tempted with an unhealthy decision, remember these.


6/25/20212 min read

1. Prevention of chronic diseases later in life. What you do now affects your health later. The science proves this.

2. Longevity. Besides preventing illnesses that can shorten life, your ability to be mobile through maintaining your strength and flexibility adds years to your life.

3. No one wants to see you suffer. Those closest to you do not want to see you in physical, mental and emotional pain. Even if you have a hard time "doing this for you", do it for them, and knowing it will help them, helps you.

4. To accomplish the "impossible." Accomplishment is one of the top reasons why people stick to things and one of the best pieces of evidence that can make an individual happy.

5. To go down a size, or two, or six... Who doesn't have clothing laying around that you're keeping for "when you get down to that size again"? That would feel so good to wear it and the happiness that evokes is better than happiness from cake, which can be followed by guilt...

6. Guilt-free pleasure. Doing something healthy takes away that guilt, and even better, if the healthy habit causes happiness, you've doubled up.

7. You may discover something you love that you never would have known otherwise. How would you know if you loved Zumba if you haven't tried it? How would you know that your favorite snack is roasted chickpeas? You never know unless you try.

8. You may rediscover something you gave up in the past. This one means a lot to me. I rediscovered dance. Did you play a sport as a kid? Did you have a favorite rec. activity? Did you give these up because you were "out of shape"? Oh, please. You'd be amazed what you can get back into if you treat your body right.

9. Confidence and Empowerment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at this current age looking exactly how you want to look with all your health goals accomplished. Now how would your brain feel? Missing all the shame and desire for things to be different, and filled with joy and zest for life.

10. Pain reduction. Aches and pains DO go away with extra pounds lost, increased flexibility and increased strength in the supporting muscles around the concerning area.

11. To spite the doctor. One of the worst things is to go to your Primary and have them chastise you about your weight. For once, wouldn't it feel nice to impress them for once?

12. Inspiration. When you complete your goals, and likely before that, people around you notice, even if they don't say anything. They'll get the urge to do what you've done. You've inspired them to want to be healthier too.

There's more of course. But let's start here. Let it ignite a fire in you. Which number resonates the best for you? Remember that when your conscience nags you.