Part VIII of "So What Does SHE Do?" Daily Routine

A routine helps ensure it'll happen.



8/13/20212 min read

My daily routine is constantly in a developing stage. It's also somewhat catered toward my really inconsistent work schedule, so it's not actually a schedule, but more of like a tasklist.

Alarm: Somewhere between 6 and 9am depending on the day.

Brain wake-up time: I do play on the phone after I wake up. There's a lot of people that advise against it, but I often wake up to pressing messages that I'd prefer to clear before actually starting my day. It also helps my brain to wake up, and I'm never groggy in the mornings anymore.

Workout: If it is a day that I don't have to work early, it's workout time. I do one hour of cardio, then strength training and dance practice and flexibility. I'll often listen to podcasts while walking and jogging to make it more interesting.

Breakfast: I CANNOT start the day without breakfast. I've always been that way. Caffeine, kombucha, protein and fruit, perhaps with a starch or another protein are always on the menu, regardless of when I wake up. It is normal for this to be the heaviest meal of my day.

Work: Either from home for PAFE or at Music Room depending on the day. Workday will end anywhere from 7pm to 9pm (or like last night 10pm), but I enjoy what I do, so I don't think anything of it.

Dinner: Yes, I'm sometimes eating at 10pm. But it's also a lighter meal and I don't really snack at night anymore.

Relaxing After Work: TV, video games, playing with kitties or campfire in the backyard. No work. Because I earned it. Everything I had to do was completed earlier.

Bedtime: usually midnight. I'm usually out like a light.

Other noteworthy things: I attribute my ability to be well-rested to taking magnesium and having a Fitbit, which tracks my sleep. The more I am aware of my sleep quality, the more I value it and the more it improves.

Self-Care: I know right now I am not doing enough. I did more when I was consciously leaving time at the end of my workouts for meditation. My excuse is that my workouts and anything I do for dance is self-care. It's also camping season, so my time out camping, even if I'm doing remote work, is still rejuvinating. So to me, it feels like self-care is still built in, even though I'd like more designated meditation time.

And despite all of this:

I am indeed, slowly losing weight.

I eat very well.

I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression. It's gone.

There are definitely other things in my life needing improvement, but they no longer cause the above.

And I work on average, 60 hours each week sometimes up to ten hours more, sometimes as much as ten hours less. My workout time is not counted in this.

If I can do it, so can you.

It's all in your mindset. Knowing, being confident that YES, you can. And will, if you want it bad enough.