Part VII of “So, What Does SHE Do?” Shopping List and Grocery Shopping

How do we turn these good intentions to actions?



8/2/20211 min read

Happy Friday! My first task on Fridays is to do the grocery shopping. It's been my tradition for the last 8+ years since I haven't been a schoolteacher. Certainly what the list looks like each week has changed over time!

It doesn't take me long to make it. I follow this mental list of tips:

1. It's an ongoing list on my phone that I edit each week.

2. If I notice I run out of some random ingredient, I always have my phone nearby to add the ingredient, lest I forget. And I WILL forget.

3. On Thursdays, I go through each meal. Breakfast, do I have enough eggs, carb products, kombucha, coffee stuff, breakfast meats, and fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, grits, etc? All the things I'd possibly pick to eat?

4. I don't really do lunch, so do I have almond milk and protein shake materials?

5. Dinner: I pick 2-3 proteins for meal prep or decide what I'll thaw from the freezer stash. Do I have potatoes, rice, noodles or starchy vegetables? Do I have 3+ frozen vegetables to heat up? Will the garden provide enough this week? (This week I accounted for the bumper crop of green beans, for example.)

6. Do I have enough sparkling water, chocolate chips, nuts and other snackables?

7. Any non-food items needed?

That's it. Super simple. I stick to the list and I'm out in a hurry because there's much more to get done at home. No time to debate bad foods.

Except for the random stroll down the bakery aisle to smell the doughnuts and test my willpower. But I don't stop walking.

Also, my fitbit is on my ankle because grocery store trips are gonna give me 3k steps for the day.