10 Ways To Cut Calories AND Money That You Can Start Doing Immediately!

10 Ways to make little changes in your life to drop your calories each day and your spending!


6/3/20212 min read

1. Morning coffee: Make or order black and use your own creamer. I recommend Walden Farms creamer or making your own each week with milk (dairy or not) with a flavored extract and sugarless sweetener (Stevia or other).

2. Substitute a protein for a baked good for breakfast. Eggs, even prepackaged hard-boiled eggs are CHEAP and will sustain you longer.

3. Change bread brands. Buy low-carb/sugar/calorie, high fiber bread, rolls, flatbread and wraps.

4. Like pasta? Did you know that there's pasta that's zero carb and almost zero calorie? Check the gluten-free aisle. It's not as cheap as the regular stuff, but if you can't cut pasta out 100% it's a good substitute.

5. Hard to get a healthy snack or lunch at work? Protein shake! Mine is about 150 calories and soooooo good. I'll include more info on protein shakes in a later post.

6. Swap out eating out and fast food for meal prep. Get the family sized package of chicken/pork/beef and make a few meals for yourself, or for yourself and family, so you got leftovers for yourself for a few days. How nice it'll be to know you have a homecooked meal waiting for you at home!

7. Frozen vegetables are cheap and FAST sides. Pop in the microwave to cook and save the leftovers for a few days. Season differently each day for variety.

8. Sack of potatoes or sweet potatoes instead of fast food fries. Again, MUCH cheaper and healthier than fries, and potatoes keep for awhile.

9. Mocktails instead of alcohol and soda. Seriously guys, this was a game-changer for me. I'll have an entire post on this too. Seltzer water, sugar-free syrup, lime juice and extracts in a fancy glass. ZERO calories and 1-2 of these a week equals one drink at a bar.

10. Want dessert before bed? Me too. Every day. A serving size (33) chocolate chips of different flavors in a little bowl to munch on. You're done. You're satisfied. It's amazing. Dessert is so psychological that this breaks all of the issues of it. We can spend a post on this too. 80 calories, by the way.

Shoot. My ten quick tips just turned into content fodder for half a week! Oh well. Stay tuned for info on these ideas. Let me know if you have any questions on how to implement.

By the way, this is how I eat now. Every day almost, and I don't really cut out anything I miss... No fancy diets, no keto, no products I'm obligated to purchase. And I'm at a 500-750 calorie defecit every day. Yup. Slow, steady cheap and easy way to get back down to my goal weight I had pre-COVID.

There are SO MANY strategies I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. Also, if you haven't done the vent-session research, please do! Find the link on the PAFE: Nutrition and Fitness homepage. Thanks!