None of Us Are Getting Any Younger... what are you doing it (healthier lifestyle choice) for?


6/8/20212 min read

None of us are getting any younger.

I've heard this sentiment a lot lately. I'm pretty sure most of the reference came from the fact that the pandemic has been wearing us down and making us feel old and worn down. It makes sense from that point of view. But it is literal too.

You know how Google recommends articles to read on its home page? I'm sometimes a sucker for some of that. I like the science-y ones and have recently read about telomers, dreaming, tons of epidemiology and a lot of nutrition and fitness information with conflicting information. But it's still fun to explore, I guess, even with a grain of salt.

Today's was an article about a scientist who believes aging is optional, as written in his book "Lifespan" by David Sinclair:

I admit, after working a double, my brain being fried, and the distraction of two new foster kittens in my garage today, thanks to my kitty-rescue-trapping husband, I didn't read the article very well. I just hung on to the concept of aging being optional and mulled it for a few minutes, and bang got hit with an idea for a post tonight.

Could aging be optional? Maybe from a lifestyle standpoint, rather than a physiological standpoint, that's something we can use as a focus thought for ourselves, as we strive for better lifestyles.

Ever notice how when people retire, they age backwards for a little while?

Ever hear the term, "20 pounds younger"?

Not to mention adults that strength train at any age, get up from a chair or floor easier than they did a bunch of years earlier.

Personal anecdote, my right knee hurt for days after my wedding day over ten years ago. I hardly sat that day, had comfy shoes, but danced for hours in an extreme, multilayered ballgown that was heavy and caused me to never stop being hungry that day. I experienced knee pain almost every day before for a few years and after that day until I lost my first twenty pounds. No knee pain since. Ever. *Knocks on wooden end table*

Maybe there really is some substance to this claim.

We're given this one life. Other lives depend on our life to go on. We really should strive to not only make the most of it, but to keep it going for as long as we're able. It's really the main responsibility that we are actually guaranteed.

So what are you doing it for? A comfy retirement? Your kids? Grandchildren? To be satisfied with yourself enough to find happiness? To reduce the risk of disease? To get the doctor to stop complaining at you?

The list absolutely can go on. We all have our reasons. Whatever those reasons are, it's still far more important than dessert tonight, that pint of beer, wings instead of salad, that skipped workout, opting to drive instead of walk. The easy choice doesn't get those goals. So don't lose sight of them. Pick a couple as go-to thoughts when faced with those temptations!

In regards to healthy lifestyle choices, what are you doing it for?