The Healthy Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are a thing again! But they don't have to cause you stress. Here's a menu that is delicious AND healthy!



5/31/20212 min read

Happy Memorial Day. May those who have paid the ultimate price find a place of honor and rememberance in our hearts.

How did you do with your goals today? If you think it best to not answer that question, I'm sure you aren't alone. As the unofficial start of summer winds down, remember that there are plenty more opportunities for healthy BBQs and get-togethers.

Those two words, healthy and BBQs can absolutely go together and not contradict themselves! So for the next one, here are some menu ideas:

-Extra lean burgers: if homemade, add garlic, liquid smoke and flax meal for a binder.

-Don’t want a roll? Try a Mission low-carb high fiber wrap, with Walden Farms calorie-free ketchup that you’d swear was regular, and mustard.

-Or roast a link of chicken sausage over the fire and wrap it same as described above.

- Or forego the meat completely and grill up a portabello head. Add protein with some oven roasted chickpeas lightly tossed in oil, salt, pepper and a fun seasoning blend as a snack instead.

-Save the fat for shredded cheese, not a slice.

-Sides can include coleslaw made Walden Farms calorie free mayo. With enough seasonings, again, you can’t tell the difference in flavor since the mayo is for texture.

-Pan-roasted and baked zucchini chips, brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic and parmesan cheese

-Grilled vegetables over the fire in a grill basket

-Corn on the cob with butter spray is a healthier carb that is higher in fiber

-A fresh dill pickle spear

-Watermelon is perfect for dessert, or raspberries and blueberries with light vanilla greek yogurt.

SERIOUSLY guilt free holiday eats. I didn't eat that today, sadly, but doesn't that sound delicious?

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm super creative with meal creation, meal prep, and healthy ingredient substitutions. I'm currently generating a list of recipes and live video food/meal preps so I can share my creations with the world.

So instead of answering the question I asked above, let's try this one instead:

What favorite summer food, be it main course, side or dessert, do you want to see a healthy substitute for? C'mon, I'm looking for a challenge!!! Drop me an email:

The Healthy Summer Holiday BBQ

Summer BBQs are a thing again! But they don't have to cause you stress. Here's a menu that is delicious AND healthy!